Re: Weird Abbreviation Processing Mid-word?


To be honest while not exactly that issue, I can get weird issues from time to time on here, or other systems I run.

Some persist after a restart, some will persist till I reinstall either the program or windows.

And in a lot of cases they never make it online.

Or they can be completely unrelated.

I once had an issue on a system I was working on which looked like mangled drivers, a virus and a windows issue.

The sound drivers were fixed, a windows issue could be fixed if it was that bad with a reload.

But in the end it boiled down to a defective wifi access card.

Most of the issues went away with its replacement.

So yeah check everything including the buttons on the case I guess.

On 11/10/2021 8:13 am, Gene wrote:
I’d be interested if others have this problem.  It is so odd that it may be caused by something that isn’t a general problem.
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Have you checked your own NVDA dictionaries?   This one is so bizarre that it seems almost impossible for it to be the synth.

But if it is the synth, trying to work around it with dictionary entries would be a stopgap measure.  The synth maker should be notified, as there is no conceivable world where the line you give as original should be rendered in speech as you report.

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