Re: Braille edge issues


I use Braille Edge and it's the same with me. When Braille Edge is
used as a display the only way to operate it is via the computer. When
used as a notetaker than the controls work.
I just accepted this fact thinking this is how it is.

On 9/22/16, Mallard <mallard@...> wrote:

A friend of mine reports the same issue with BrailleSense.



Il 22/09/2016 16:09, Hess, John (DEED) ha scritto:

Good day. I have a Braille edge running the latest firmware and the
latest NVDA release. I am noticing that the controls on the edge don’t
work. I can read braille and manipulate it from the computer but can’t
do anything from the display such as pan the display or use curser
routing keys. Is this a known bug or am I missing a setting?

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