locked Re: Is there a U.S. Tax Deductible Entity that Supports NVDA?


Sorry, but I'm with Chris and Gene here.

If you want to ensure your donated funds are going to a specific organization, that's who you send them to, whether tax deductible or not.

The United Way and similar are wonderful umbrella organizations that, literally, try to "spread the wealth."  But you do not make directed donations via them.

And I have no issue with taking a tax deduction on donations where available.  I used to do that in the days when I itemized.  But that's never, ever the primary reason I gave money to anyone.  And I can say, with assurance, that the amount of tax difference for a small donation is trivial unless that small donation happens to push your deductible donation total up such that the whole gets above "a tipping point" in the itemizing game.

Everyone on these groups can do precisely as they see fit.  But when you solicit opinions in public you should not ever expect that they'll all be ones you like, nor that you are obligated to take any advice offered.

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