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Unfortunately I do not have the link off the top of my head. Doing a google for Kodi accessibility should lead you towards the correct pages though. I'll also see what I can dig up and post it here, if you need me to. My apologies, as it's been a good while since I had it on my computer. :)
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Governor staten wrote:

I downloaded codi, and might give it a spin. How do you get the accessibility plugin?


On 9/21/2016 11:00 PM, Jeremy wrote:
Kodi isn't bad and offers quite a bit in the list of stuff you can do with it, but getting it set up for accessibility can be a little frustrating. Also, it's worth keeping in mind, for those who wish to try it, the accessibility doesn't really allow your screenreader to access the interface for Kodi, it's moreso that the application becomes self-speaking. One big disadvantage to this approach is that some areas of Kodi are inaccessible. If you try to read these areas with NVDA, they are either read as unknown or not read at all.

It does work pretty well for accessing services such as youtube, but one needs to keep in mind that even a basic install of Kodi is pretty bloated, so one may argue it's usefulness if you wanted to use it as a media player for stuff like locally stored music.
it's also worth pointing out that not all of the addons, youtube, pandora, songza, etc work the same or are as accessible. There were a number of addons I tried that had unlabeled buttons, which made using their interfaces pretty weird to get used to.

I really can't speak to any changes that may have been made here recently, as it's been around 9 months since I had it installed, but I would highly recommend playing with it for those who are interested. The fact that the guy that wrote the accessibility plugin has put as much attention towards accessibility always seemed really awesome to me.
Just a few thoughts and hope it helps. :)
Take care.
Brian Vogel wrote:


This is not a criticism, in any way, of the Daum Pot Player software since I've not yet played with it, but it's obvious from the Daum Pot Player website <> that it's very roughly translated. Their feature page <> notes, "Support of all modern audio and video formats," but doesn't go into any additional detail that I can find.

Has anyone tried Kodi <>? This is open source and I could swear I saw the original recommendation for it on one of the blind technology related forums, but I can't be certain of that at this point since I see my last download on it was in February.


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