Re: Braille edge issues

Mallard <mallard@...>

Thanks for confirming this. It's the same with my Seika Touchme5; that doesn't bother me at all, but my friend is new to NVDA and Windows 10, and his old braille display (a Powerbraille of some sort) doesn't seem to work with Win10. He tried connecting his Braille Sense and, even with the .ddl that Paul sent me, he doesn't seem to have solved the issue.

If you confirm that this is how it works, I'll tell him, and he'll ahve to make do.

Ciao grazie,


Il 22/09/2016 19:03, Nevzat Adil ha scritto:
I use Braille Edge and it's the same with me. When Braille Edge is
used as a display the only way to operate it is via the computer. When
used as a notetaker than the controls work.
I just accepted this fact thinking this is how it is.

On 9/22/16, Mallard <mallard@...> wrote:

A friend of mine reports the same issue with BrailleSense.



Il 22/09/2016 16:09, Hess, John (DEED) ha scritto:
Good day. I have a Braille edge running the latest firmware and the
latest NVDA release. I am noticing that the controls on the edge don’t
work. I can read braille and manipulate it from the computer but can’t
do anything from the display such as pan the display or use curser
routing keys. Is this a known bug or am I missing a setting?

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