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Did you download the file from the NVACCESS website found at or from another website run by another country?

if your language is set to english the documentation should be in english.

I think it would be a good idea first to see what language nvda is set to under the general settings in nvda first.

Then if it is another language maybe try the following.

I would have to check just in case it is another language you might be able to do the following.

While it is in tempory mode before you go to install it, you could try the following while it is speaking hopefully it might be in english, but you should be able to still do it.

Use the nvda key + ctrl key + the letter G to bring up the general settings dialogue.

The very first option should be language. they are usually set to default. If it says some other language, you could depending which way you go either hit the letter U for user default and if it is say in another language it should take you to the user default language maybe in your case english.

This might have to be done a couple of times until you get to user default.

The other options if the user default one is not used and you are english speaking hit the letter E to you get to english then after that tab down to the ok button.

It will ask nvda   to restart, say yes to this and it will go to the language you chose.

I do have a audio tutorial on what to do i would just have to locate it.

The audio tutorial can be found at

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I am trying to install NVDA on my desktop and I have downloaded the latest version of the installer.  When i run the installer the license agreement is in English but all the buttons within the installer package are in what appears to be Chinese (just a guess).  So i don't know how to install it.  I am assuming it must be a setting somewhere on Windows that thinks the OS is set to Chinese but all region settings i can see are set to English (UK).  Can anyone help?

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