Re: NVDA and OCR software


To be honest, I quit abbyy fine reader 15 after some accessibility stuff appeared.

I did the thing and reported these in 14.

They knew they existed even reproduced the issue.

But those darn fakers didn't seem to be inclined to actually do anything.

They took ages to update and when they finally did nothing doing.

I asked them about it and admitted they were not fixed yet.

At which point I decided jam a screwdriver in their eyes and left in a huff.

I don't need to ocr that much, I mean I have old textcloaner which uses an outdated rediris engine.

I hadn't heard about snaps2 till today but I do have it and yeah it will work.

Its good there is an interface for tesseract and its opensource, and its portable if I want it.

On 12/10/2021 8:27 pm, JM Casey wrote:

I’m one of those who uses Abbyy Finereader. Its actual editor doesn’t really seem all that usable, so if you need to make corrections and adjustments toa  document, it’s probably best to convert it to another format (which ABBYY can do with ease) and work in a word processor or something.

But the oCR is good and text recognitions seems really good, so I’m happy to have spent some cash on it.



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Subject: [nvda] NVDA and OCR software


Hello everyone,


I do not know if this is a question better suited for the chat subgroup, if it is, please tell me.


If it’s ok to post it here, however, here it goes: if you use any kind of OCR solution that can open and OCR PDFS and acquire images from scanners, what would you recommend for efficient use with NvDA?


If that OCR had the ability to keep the formatting and layout of the document, that would be a much needed extra.


Thanks for any answer.

Best regards.


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