Re: NVDA and OCR software


Hello all,


Thanks for both the recommendations, the addon is the best solution for me, it’s the ideal one actually!


I do have a curiosity though: I tried FineReader 15, but it wasn’t accessible.

In fact, it didn’t show me the OCR results, and there were no menus to even try it.

Am I missing something?

Thanks again.

Best regards.



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Sent: Monday, October 11, 2021 11:28 PM
Subject: Re: [nvda] NVDA and OCR software


For a comercial product, FineReader 15...


For free software, NAPS2, with a user interface or command line, and also packaged in an add-on by me, at:


Best regards, 
Rui Fontes  
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Às 21:27 de 11/10/2021, cisco escreveu:

Hello everyone,


I do not know if this is a question better suited for the chat subgroup, if it is, please tell me.


If it’s ok to post it here, however, here it goes: if you use any kind of OCR solution that can open and OCR PDFS and acquire images from scanners, what would you recommend for efficient use with NvDA?


If that OCR had the ability to keep the formatting and layout of the document, that would be a much needed extra.


Thanks for any answer.

Best regards.


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