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Sarah k Alawami

Has anyone reported this on github? I would check there and comment with machine specs, logs etc.

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Hi Robert

You are quite right, it is confusing.

The worse of it, with me, it even lags in Windows explorer.

It needs to be attended to as urgently as possible.


On 10/12/21, Robert Portal <portalrm56@...> wrote:
Dear Wally,

I have the same issue with NVDA 2021.2 - you said you had 2021.1 installed.
When reading a long document in Word 2007 with Say All the reading is
fine for 5 to 7 minutes and then it stops, almost always on a
full-stop. At this point NVDA is unresponsive - it takes a minute or
so to get it working again.
This is a problem because I regularly record the computer's reading of
texts which may take up to two hours to read. Previously I could leave
it until the reading was finished, now I have to follow it to re-start
it when it stops, wasting hours of time.

I've tried different eloquence and Vocaliser voices, closing all
windows except for that of the document to be read, turning off the
option for Word to save the document every x number of minutes. I've
also tried uninstalling and re-installing NVDA, all to no avail.
I had assumed it was probably something specific to my system and so I
was interested to find someone else with a similar problem.

I too, would be interested in any suggestions people might have.

Best wishes

Robert Portal

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Good day mvda gurus

I hope you are well.

I am trying to cope.

I have a weird issue with nvda.

I am using nvda 2021.1.

It keeps on stopping.

This stopping or lagging has been with me for sometime now.

What could be the cause?

It happens when I am reading through a document or typing.

It also freezes easily these days.

What is going on?

Please assist.

Wally SA

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