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I’ve always had this problem with Windows Mail in Windows 10 with any long emails at all, and sometimes with short ones from certain senders, likely with lots of graphics like the ones I get from our farmer’s market, and adds I get from Walmart, it will read a couple lines, stop for a literally several seconds to a minute or even 2, read a couple more lines, rince, repeat until I got tired of it and copied and pasted into notepad to read it there.

With emails from a question and answer site called Quora, I used to have to wait several minutes and play tricks trying to click in the message with the mouse cursor to get NVDA to unfreeze and let me navigate in the email, it would freeze on those as soon as I opened them, I would restart NVDA several times, hurry up and alt+tab to the window, and click something before it froze, keep doing that until I could navigate normally, but lately Quora must have changed something in the document because the emails come up right away with no problem now and I can open the page I want with my Quora digest.

Shawn Klein

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Why not use Wordpad?  It should be able to read the word document you are having read and you probably won’t have the stopping problem.  If you do, converting the document to a text file and having it read in Notepad should solve the problem.  It sounds as though there may be some sort of buffer overflow problem, based on the behavior being described but that’s just a guess and may not be correct.



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Dear Wally,

I have the same issue with NVDA 2021.2 - you said you had 2021.1 installed. When reading a long document in Word 2007  with Say All the reading is fine for 5 to 7 minutes and then it stops, almost always on a full-stop. At this point NVDA is unresponsive - it takes a minute or so to get it working again.
This is a problem because I regularly record the computer's reading of texts which may take up to two hours to read. Previously I could leave it until the reading was finished, now I have to follow it to re-start it when it stops, wasting hours of time.

I've tried different eloquence and Vocaliser voices, closing all windows except for that of the document to be read, turning off the option for Word to save the document every x number of minutes. I've also tried uninstalling and re-installing NVDA, all to no avail.
I had assumed it was probably something specific to my system and so I was interested to find someone else with a similar problem.

I too, would be interested in any suggestions people might have.

Best wishes

Robert Portal

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Good day mvda gurus

I hope you are well.

I am trying to cope.

I have a weird issue with nvda.

I am using nvda 2021.1.

It keeps on stopping.

This stopping or lagging has been with me for sometime now.

What could be the cause?

It happens when I am reading through a document or typing.

It also freezes easily these days.

What is going on?

Please assist.

Wally SA


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