Re: acapela for nvda not compatible

Blake Roberts <BEarlRoberts@...>

Acapela TTS for NVDA version 1.7 is compatible with NVDA 2021.2, just as it was with NVDA version 2021.1. I know this to be a fact as owner of a product license for years. I keeps the Acapela for NVDA product up-to-date on my system. Version 1.5 is for older versions of "NVDA 2019.2 and lower" to quote the Acapela for NVDA download page. Version 1.7 is for "NVDA 2019.3 +". Therefore, downloading/installing version 1.7 should be problem-free.
According to this blogp ost on the Acapelafor NVDA web site:
Acapela for NVDA 1.7 was released in June of this year to be compatible with NVDA 2021.1 and above. Make sure you are downloading version 1.7, not the antiquated 1.5 version of the add-on. After successful installation of the add-on, it is then necessary to download the Acapela voices of your choice for use with the product.


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