Re: setting up new laptop


You can use a utility called silenzio (spelling) that sends some sort of inaudible signal to the sound card to keep it from sleeping.  I’d have to find the link to get it again.  Probably others already have the link.  If you don’t get it soon, I’ll find it.

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From: Don H
Sent: Wednesday, October 13, 2021 11:33 AM
Subject: [nvda] setting up new laptop
Not that I wanted to purchase a new computer right now but my current
computer has went to that big bit bucket in the sky.  I will soon be
getting a new HP Envy 13 inch laptop with a Intel 11 gen I5, 8 Gig of
Ram, 256 gig ssd and running Windows 11.  Have seen some mention that
this laptop might have the issue of the sound card going to asleep.  Is
there a fix for this issue if it does exist?  I will be installing NVDA
2021-2 on this laptop.

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