Re: Navigation similar to the “vertical navigation” voiceover feature?

Luke Robinett

Hey Gene,
Thanks for the suggestion. Yeah, I will give that use screen layout option a try but since the table isn’t constructed as an HTML table when I look at the source code, I’m not sure NVDA will be able to ascertain its layout. I agree a link would be helpful but this is actually an internal task board for our software development team at work so it isn’t publicly shareable. It’s the Jira platform though which appears to be a pretty popular agile project package so perhaps I can find a sample board that is publicly shareable. I will poke around. Thanks again.

On Oct 13, 2021, at 11:53 AM, Gene <> wrote:

It would be useful to have a link to a page. I've seen such layouts that look like tables before but that don't use code that identifies them as tables.

I haven't tried this and I doubt it will work but you can try turning on use screen layout when supported. Its in browser settings. If it isn't checked, check the check box and activate the o.k button.


On 10/13/2021 1:26 PM, Luke Robinett wrote:
Hi folks,
imagine I’ve got a webpage open and there is information on it that is visually laid out like a table but is not traversable as a table using NVDA. I am on a column heading and I want to move focus directly below it to the first cellof that column. In iOS, there’s a rotor option called “vertical navigation” that allows me to do this easily. Is there any such functionality in NVDA? Unfortunately, the only way I’v found to get to that cell is to press control + down arrow repeatedly,traveling through all The other column headings first, making it sometimes impossible to know when I’ve actually arrived at the first item under that original column heading. I hope the description of the problem makes sense. Thank you for any tips or strategies.


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