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I should have said screen-reader mode.

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Sent: Wednesday, October 13, 2021 2:58 PM
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As well as muting speech with nvda key and s you could try from your start button press windows key and in the edit box type goldwave setup.
This takes you to a selection of different settings that aren't in goldwave itself.
At the bottom of that screen is a setting to
Force screen reader mode.
Try checking this and see if it makes a difference.
I know this works with jaws but aren't sure about nvda.
Tab then to save and press enter.
Hope this helps although I am using the latest add on for goldwave and running windows 10 and don't have the same problem but it may be worth fiddling with those settings to see if any make a difference.
Remember to restore speech having muted press nvda key and s twice.
Kind regards,
Dennis huckle.

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Subject: [nvda] Goldwave NVDA question

I am using the latest NVDA and the latest Goldwave add on with a new 14 inch Dell laptop. When I have a file open in Goldwave and hit play, nvda tells me what file I am playing. That of course makes editing difficult when using one soundcard. I've only had this happen on this laptop. Normally when I hit play, I just hear the word play or I just hear the audio start playing. Why is this happening on the laptop and how can I stop it. Thanks so much. Side note, at my advanced age it seems harder to learn a new keyboard lol!!!! Thanks for reading and thanks for your help.

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