Re: acapela 1.7 not working


You have either downloaded the wrong version of the addon or your version of NVDA is incompatible


I would go back to the download page of the acapela and download the correct version for your version of NVDA




From: Josh Kennedy
Sent: 13 October 2021 21:16
Subject: [nvda] acapela 1.7 not working




The acapela voices 1.7 addon is not working with nvda 2021.2. I have 14 days left in the trial. I installed the engine and the Calibri voices. When I choose acapela I get no speech and have to restart NVDA. And when you try to install voices from the addon itself it wants you to download 1.6 addon version which is not compatible with 2021.2. I contacted acapela but got no response. If these voices won’t work I guess I can’t buy them and it says I have 14 days left in my trial so they should be working.






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