Re: acapela 1.7 not working

Blake Roberts <BEarlRoberts@...>

Hi Josh,
Thank you for specifying the version number of Acapela for NVDA which you experience difficulty with. The version number was not evident in your original thread. I agree with you about importance of testing and using Acapela for NVDA before making a purchasing decision. I trialed the product myself several years ago prior to buying.

I can confirm that the calibri voices Acapela NVDA add-on is not currently compatible with NVDA 2021.2. But, during the trial period you can download and use the HQ (high-quality) Acapela voices. I would suggest downloading/installing HQ Rod for your first voice test, which I presently have installed as my Acapela for NVDA voice. To my knowledge, people trialing the product and/or who have purchased a premium Acapela for NVDA license can use as many high-quality voices as they desire. If you or any one else chooses to buy, I recommend buying the premium license and not the basic one. With a basic license, you can only use Acapela for NVDA calibri voices. Premium purchase allows use of both calibri and HQ voices just like during trial period. Whether one chooses to buy any product or not is of course an individual decision.


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