Re: New NVDA Story: Open source opens the way


hi quentin.
i really love nvda screen reader.
pray for you always
and request divine especial mercy and blessings for you.
i believe that nvda screen reader if not only for blind users.
i encourage it even for sighted users!
i am very glad that a sighted person in Iran,
started to use nvda,
and always uses nvda screen reader!
i wish that all sighted people do this.
i really wish that nvda be in the world and become better,
even if one day comes that all blind people become fully sighted!

On 10/13/21, Quentin Christensen <> wrote:
Hi everyone,

Today, we're sharing Jacques' story from South Africa. It highlights the
security of NVDA, and the importance of Open Source software in business.
Plus, what is the difference between a digital signature & a digital
certificate? Find out here: #OpenSource

Quentin Christensen
Training and Support Manager

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By God,
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with all they contain
in order that
I may disobey God
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from the husk of a grain of barley,
I would not do it.
imam ali

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