nvda and acapela voices

Josh Kennedy <joshknnd1982@...>


Well I tried several acapela voices, all of them froze NVDA. The voices are not working for me on nvda 2021.2. So unfortunately I can’t risk buying them even though I really want to buy the acapela voices! Now if there were sapi5 versions of the engine and voices like codeFactory acapela voices then I would buy them. Or if the voices at least talked even if they said please register this product so I know they work—but they don’t. NVDA freezes and I get no speech. Contacting acapela has gotten me no response at all. I guess I’ll just have to stay with codeFactory eloquence and codeFactory vocalizer. Maybe someday I can buy the acapela voices when they are sapi5 and when they work.





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