Re: Navigation similar to the “vertical navigation” voiceover feature?


I know some website intended to prevent people from scraping their data, they intended not to make those data to be put in a proper table.

Besides, I also seeing some website simply just use spaces to make data visually like arranged in a table.

Encountering these data really feel annoying.

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Unfortunately, as I thought about it, I realized the support screen layout option in NVDA wouldn’t work.  The screen layout probably is the same as a table, but without code that lets a screen-reader work with it.  So you must read by line and see everything on the line you move to.
Is there a possibility that NVDA could have a feature where you set a start point and an end point and only have what is between those points read as you move up and down by line? 
If so, I could set a start and end point so that each line I moved to would only have the third item from the left announced, for example.  And if something like a book appears on  screen in columns, I could set the start and end point to read one column.
This may not be possible in Windows.  This isn’t my idea, it was done decades ago in a DOS screen-reader, ASAP.  If it could be done in Windows screen-readers, it probably would have been but I don’t want to assume.
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Hi Robert,
Thank you for the idea. I've tried that but it doesn't work, likely because the table isn't an actual HTML table and thus NVDA can't  traverse it as such. Thanks again.


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try pressing alt+ctrl+down arrow when in a table.
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Hi folks,
imagine I’ve got a webpage open and there is information on it that is visually laid out like a table but is not traversable as a table using NVDA.
I am on a column heading and I want to move focus directly below it to the first cellof that column. In iOS, there’s a rotor option called “vertical navigation” that allows me to do this easily. Is there any such functionality in NVDA? Unfortunately, the only way I’v found  to get to that cell is to press control + down arrow repeatedly,traveling through all The other column headings first, making it sometimes impossible to know when I’ve actually arrived at the first item under that original column heading. I hope the description of the problem makes sense. Thank you for any tips or strategies.


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