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Daniel McGee

Hello Andrew

I'm currently trying out this addon my self. From the instructions pasted here for convenience directly from the addon site.

NVDA+H Displays a dialog in which you can change the order of the columns in the message list.

Also link directly to the addon page for instructions to reference.



Mozilla Apps Enhancements (

On 16/10/2021 02:13, AKH AKH wrote:


I've found Headers in the view menu, but where do I go to find the rearrange headers options, please. I have the add on installed.


On 15/10/2021 13:21, tim wrote:

You can use that add on to move it to the last of the line.

However, don't hit option or it will close that is broke!

On 10/14/2021 7:48 PM, Blake Roberts via wrote:
This TB issue appears to affect quite a few people. Two individuals have asked similar question in the Thunderbird group on during my membership there. The solution is installing Mozilla Apps Enhancements NVDA add-on:
Then use it to rearrange Thunderbird column headers. By columns I mean things such as to, from, subject, junkmail status... The 0 and 100 numbers beside messages are due to Thunderbird junkmail filtering. As I wrote in a recent Thunderbird group thread, my preference is to move the junk column from default location to next to last column. That way I hear "0" before the date/time stamp.


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