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I just got the latest NVDA add-on.  It works like the previous one.  If you already have selected an item in a the list you are on when you open the add-on, then if you tab to and press the options button, you are in a list you can arrow up and down.  I haven't looked at the list in a lot of detail but one thing you can use it for is to determine what headers are displayed.  You will hear that header fields are checked or unchecked as you move in the list.  Change the state of an item using the space bar.  I've used this list so seldom that I think that is all you do.  As far as I can see, changes take immediate effect and there is no OK button.  You can close it with escape and I think if you tab it will close. 


On 10/15/2021 3:20 PM, gene wrote:

There is a close button after the options button.  use that  to close the interface.  I don't have the  latest attachment but in the previous version, if you have an item selected and then press options, you can down and up arrow through a lot of options.  If you tab instead, the list will close and you will be back in the program.  I wouldn't be surprised if the latest version works the same way.  It may have been updated for compatibility but no other changes may have been made. 


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I don't have the latest attachment but the previous one still opens a list when you press the button.  You evidentlyhave to be on an item in the first place before options opens a list. 


On 10/15/2021 1:18 PM, tim wrote:

It puts you in a list. Just arrow to the one you want to move. Then tab to either up or down button.

You can shift + tab back to the list to see how far you moved. Then tab to options and hit enter it use to do more but now it just closes out.

On 10/15/2021 9:13 AM, AKH AKH wrote:


I've found Headers in the view menu, but where do I go to find the rearrange headers options, please. I have the add on installed.


On 15/10/2021 13:21, tim wrote:

You can use that add on to move it to the last of the line.

However, don't hit option or it will close that is broke!

On 10/14/2021 7:48 PM, Blake Roberts via wrote:
This TB issue appears to affect quite a few people. Two individuals have asked similar question in the Thunderbird group on during my membership there. The solution is installing Mozilla Apps Enhancements NVDA add-on:
Then use it to rearrange Thunderbird column headers. By columns I mean things such as to, from, subject, junkmail status... The 0 and 100 numbers beside messages are due to Thunderbird junkmail filtering. As I wrote in a recent Thunderbird group thread, my preference is to move the junk column from default location to next to last column. That way I hear "0" before the date/time stamp.


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