Re: acapela not working on sign on screen with NVDA

Kenny Cheung

How did you get it to work? did you have to buy the thing?

On 10/16/21 12:30, Josh Kennedy wrote:


Ok I bought acapela voices, got my key and activated it. But when I return to windows 10 sign-on screen, NvDA comes on, with Microsoft david, and it says the acapela evaluation has expired, please activate. So I log in, and then NVDA comes on and it speaks using my now activated acapela Colibri Sharon voice. Why won’t it also work on the windows gin-on screen? If and because its now activated with my license key, should it not work wherever I am at in windows? Even at sign-on? I have noticed that the voices do load generally slower and are a bit less responsive than codeFactory voices. Other than that they are ok.





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