NVDA: Linespacing and Paragraph Indent Word 2019

David Russell

Hello Group,

I am pasting the online instructions offered by Microsoft Support for
screen reader users as it pertains to doing line spacing and first
line indentation for MS Word, 2019 version.
I will define my confusion as you read:
Set line spacing
In your document, select the paragraph whose line spacing you want to
format. If you want to set the line spacing for the entire document,
press Ctrl+A to select all its content.
To set line spacing options for a paragraph, press Alt+H, K. You hear:
"Line and paragraph spacing." Use the Up and Down arrow keys to select
from a list of frequently used line spacing sizes, and press Enter to
apply it.
Question: Is this advising, Line spacing can occur when one selects an
entire document, control-a, then press alt h, and k, and up or down
arrow for desired spacing.
Will the old method of control plus number value also work anymore?

2. Set first line indent
With a first line indent, the first line of a paragraph is indented
more than the other lines in the paragraph.
To add a first line indent to the paragraph, move the focus to the
beginning of the first line of the paragraph, and press the Tab key.
Question: Is the focus the same as the cursor key?
How do I indent the first line of a paragraph for an entire document
and subsequent documents?
older versions of Word, wasn't use of the tab key for indenting
discouraged. What makes it acceptable practice now?

Thanks for your help with this issue!
David C. Russell, Author

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