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The easiest way if it is on the about button is when you open it in my case I use object navigation.

It will read out the information and you can not interact with it so I do the following

I am using a desk top after it has read out the information I use object navigation in this case it is the nvda key+ number 8 on the numeric keypad. It takes me up a level to where the information is.

Then I can use the number 7 on the numeric keypad to take me up to the top line which is previous line to I get to top.

I can use the number 9 on the numeric key pad to read down a line

4 will do previous word and 6 next word.

1 is previous character and 3 is next character.

8 is current line, 5 is the word you are on and 2 is the character you are on.

Depending how you read it I might read the whole lot then do it word by word say for example.

You might have to look up the command to go up a level in object navigation if using a lap top.

hope it helps.

Gene nz

On 20/10/2021 9:42 am, Lexi wrote:
Hello everyone, when I go into the NVDA menu, and click on manage add-ons, and I go to about add-on, it reads all the information all at once. Does anyone know of a way to slow this down? Reading it by words, lines, and characters doesn't  work. I only need a little bit of information, and that's at the end of all of the information that it gives me.--
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