Re: New and apparent lag with NVDA in File Explorer, and an Introducion

Bruno Aníbal Prieto González

Oh, I understand. Let's hope it's soon


2021-10-19 13:50 GMT-03:00, Joseph Lee <>:


Between a week to up to a year:

* A week or two: if Microsoft found no issues with the build sent to beta
and release preview Insiders (22000.28x)
* Several weeks to months: if a fix is being tested by dev channel Insiders
in build 22400 series, and if so, it will take a while for fixes to be
backported and test by beta and release preview Insiders
* Up to a year: if it is so major that it must wait until the next big
Windows 11 update (next year)

I won't go into all the work that goes on inside Microsoft to make a fix
available to everyone (as it is a bit technical and beyond the scope of this
forum), but suffice to say that it involves testing a fix with more people
in each stage: first with Windows developers themselves in combination with
automated tests run by machines, then to Windows Insiders on dev channel and
Microsoft employees, then to Insiders on beta and release preview and more
Microsoft staff, then finally to everyone.



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