need access to my function keys

ken lawrence

Hi NVDA list new computer my windows 10 machine bit the big one.  Am using a windows 11 machine and am having a bit of an issue.  There is no number lock on the machine apparently and there are 21 function keys on here and they also serve as a whole bunch of different functions. There is a function key to the left of the spacebar next to ctrl and according to NVDA input help keys that say nothing. So it is possible that there is more than one option I tried the left of the spacebar key together with escape and the left shift to toggle this key off and on nothing happened. Does anyone know how to correct this issue so I can get to my function keys so I can do everything right including shutting down?  You aren’t supposed to hit the power button off unless it is a last resort. Also on a related note one of these supposedly well trained tech support people at HP who knew nothing about what a screen reader was, let alown what NVDA was said something like how he saw nothing that told him NVDA worked with windows 11 yet.  This is bunk since obviously I’m typing this message Huh?  What is the scoop on NVDA and windows 11? 


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