Re: Different focus from say all and arrowing through

Tyler Spivey

What are you pressing to start say all?
There are two of them. One starts from the system cursor, the other one starts from the review cursor. The one that starts from the review cursor doesn't move the system cursor.

On 10/20/2021 1:49 PM, Christopher Bartlett wrote:
While proofreading a long document using say-all, I'd find a place for editing, and hit control to stop speech, but then when I'd arrow through the document, I'd be in a different place.  I have focus follows caret set in review, so I figured the focus would, well, follow the system caret.  I thought the system caret would travel with the say'all cursor.
I'm a little rusty on NVDA concepts, since for a long time, I did most of my work on a Chromebook, but now I'm using my win 10 machine a lot more again, and MS Office.
Christopher Bartlett
Christopher Bartlett

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