Here we go again!


Today I downloaded the alpha version of nvda 2022.1. And, once again add-ons will need to be updated to work with nvda 2022.1.

Someone really needs to come up with some kind of add-ons patch that will make "All!" add-ons work with current/future versions of nvda! Otherwise, the use of add-ons will become very impractical!

I wonder if at some point breaking add-ons compatibility will have an effect on the usability of nvda as a usable screen reader?

NVDA is taking a very big risk in annoying users by constantly breaking add-ons compatibility! At some point nvda users will grow tired of all this nonsense. And, will just walk away from nvda. And, those who depend on nvda for their daily use will be without a free open source screen reader!

Maybe its time for nvda to be taken over by developers that will know how to better handle upgrading nvda while keeping add-ons compatible for all users!

And, maybe its time to move away from python as it is the cause of all these add-ons breaking their compatibility?

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