Re: Here we go again!


Hi Carlos,

Do not be afraid - add-ons community is aware of your concerns and authors are working on updating their add-ons.

So here is what's going on: remember back in July I explained that a major change is being planned by NV Access and contributors that will require add-ons to change? That just happened, except NV Access put preparations in place. Any old code that was scheduled to be removed in NVDA 2022.1 (alpha phase at the moment) were marked for deprecation and will not be made available to add-ons and to the rest of NVDA source code if the year specified in the NVDA version tag is "2022". For example, NVDA 2021.3 will make older control types attributes available for add-ons (import is possible); with version now set to 2022 in alpha builds, the old code is no longer imported. This breaks add-ons that solely relied on older code simply because they are "gone" - that's why back in September I did say that version 21.10 of my add-ons will require NVDA 2021.2 or later precisely because of what you just saw in recent alpha builds.

A few hours ago there was a thread on add-ons list about maintaining compatibility with NVDA 2021.x, and at least two solutions were proposed which requires editing add-on source code (manifest will not work here once 2022.1 beta 1 is released). NV Access put in the deprecation mechanism in NVDA 2021.2, which was them saying, "all right add-on authors, you are warned about deprecation and removal, and as soon as 2022.1 development cycle begins, deprecated code will be gone". I have advised add-ons community to prepare their add-ons accordingly so that by the time 2022.1 beta 1 ships, all that is left is updating manifests and compatibility statements.

P.S. I can assure the NVDA community that all my add-ons (including ones that will be leaving my nest next year) are compatible with NVDA 2022.1 code and assumptions; I'm willing to release the final version of most of my add-ons around the time NVDA 2022.1 beta 1 is released provided that I get a chance to do so in the midst of spring semester schoolwork.

Hope this helps.



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