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I agree with Jackie. I’d stay clear of the BIOS I’ll get sighted assistance.  I hope in the future blind users can go in there with Nairator. You pretty much would have to know what’s in there.  You’d have to know what to fix and what not to fix. I’d stay clear of it. 


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Sent: October 20, 2021 10:40 AM
Subject: [nvda] what next


Hi NVDA apparently BIOS is set this way in default the HP tech support says that BIOS is outside windows and therefore screen reader won’t work.  Will narrator work this way and if not can a blind user change this setting and regain use of function keys that way?  I’ve deleted more of the HP stuff on this machine and can’tcompletely get rid of inaccessible mcafee antivirus. Boy why do blind people have to fight these battles in 2021? 


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