Re: Does the latest release play nicely with Firefox? And the addon stuff isn't yet relevant if I update now, correct?

Steve Wettlaufer

I'm curious what is supposed to be wrong with NVDA and Firefox in the latest versions?  I'm fairly new to the group here, but I've used NVDA and Firefox happily together for years, always updating to the latest versions of each.

On 2021-10-21 6:09 a.m., Sharni-Lee Ward wrote:
I am still on Version 2020.3, and didn't update earlier this year because I saw some messages about NVDA and Firefox not playing nicely, and Firefox being my main browser, I was hesitant to update. Now that I'm hearing about possible addon incompatibility, I'm realising I'd better update before I have to go with a new release that breaks anything, even if I don't have the addons that are being singled out. I just wanna be sure things aren't liable to flip out if I update now.

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