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On Thu, Oct 21, 2021 at 10:44 AM, tim wrote:
Now I forgot was it this list or the blind tech or one of the many windows lists.
It's the NVDA list.   And questions do occasionally arise about how to make function keys actually behave as function keys as opposed the the default behavior as action keys for things like increase/decrease volume, etc., that comes as the out of the box default.

That most often requires tweaking UEFI/BIOS to reverse.

And when someone proposes using a very unusual method for doing so, and for those unfamiliar with UEFI/BIOS to begin with, cautionary statements are necessary.

There was also some thread drift, which happens often after an initial query is answered and people begin musing.  You, and every other member, have the option to hit the Mute this Topic link in any message at any time if you wish to stop traffic from that topic.

At this point, though, the topic has definitely run its course.  It should be taken to the Chat Subgroup if further discussion of UEFI/BIOS in general, or Macs in particular, are desired.

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