Re: Introductory questions about navigating in a browser.

Tony Malykh

Regarding reading webpages I can recommend my TextNav add-on. You can press Alt+Shift+DownArrow to find the text where you can start reading - it works well on most webpages.


On 10/20/2021 8:36 AM, Alan Joyce wrote:



I’m new to using NVDA having little exposure to other text to speech programs before jumping in. I’ve use a program called the Grid which acts as a keyboard emulator to help me with my typing as I’m unable to physically access a standard keyboard. With my setup on NVDA, I have found a few elements which I’m struggling with and would appreciate a guide through. These are;  

1.   When reading out a lengthy email from Gmail opened in the EDGE browser, is it possible to control the read back rate – say line by line – so I can pick up on what is being typed. What are the key combination for this and the settings which would allow this?

2.   When I open a webpage in the Edge, is it possible for NVDA to start to read the page content automatically? At the moment, it announces the page opening and I have to start finding my way through Tabbing or down arrow key which seems to work some times and then not others.

3.   For above, is there one reading mode which is preferred over the other?


I’m sure I’ve more to come on top of these but I’d welcome a start!


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