locked Re: Optacon

Brian Sackrider

When I was at the rehab center back in the 80's I wanted to learn the optacon but they would not teach me along with other things that they refused to teach me.  Theese centers are a very big joke they refuse to teach things that their clients really want to learn.  I though that I was making progress I was learning to recignising some print letters but because I was not learning fast enough my lessons were stoped.  What rite do they have to tell us what we can learn or what we can't learn.  They should be closed down they are usless and don't teach hardly anything.  I thought that the optacon was a great device that I wanted to learn to use but no go.  They seem to be very against learning new technologies that would give us greater independence.  It's low tech or no tech.

Brian Sackrider

On 10/21/2021 6:26 AM, Pele West wrote:
Hi Everyone

I still use my optacon nearly every day. I think it is the most wonderful device I own.

Pele West

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