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I don’t know why you are having a problem.  Have you tried more than one browser?  The link works here.  Try right arrowing so you aren’t on the first letter of the link in your current browser and press enter.  See if that solves the problem.  If not, try another browser.
I haven’t looked in any detail at the description of this add-on but NVDA already has the ability to announce emoticons.  You can also place any emoticon in the NVDA list in a document in the following manner:
New main steps start on new lines.
Open the NVDA menu with NVDA key n. 
Press enter on  ppreferences.
Up arrow to punctuation/symbol pronunciation.  Press enter.
You are in a dialog.
There are an enornous amount of emoticons and some other symbols.
Shift tab to filter buy and type something.  If you want to see all emoticons with smile, type smile.  Type any word or group of words, for example, smiling face. 
Tab once.  You are now in a list of emoticons containing what you  type.
Find the one you want. 
Press NVDA key f9 once. 
Press NVDA key f10 twice quickly.
The emoticon is now on the clipboard.
Paste it into the document you are writing.
The add-on may do other things you want but my description may allow you to do what you want without it.

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When I hit either Enter or Spacebar on "Download stable version,"
nothing at all happens. Is this down or out of date? it's from the
site whose link is:


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