Re: Initial Speech Cutoff Using Bluetooth Headphones and NVDA


That is because some think that work arounds are solutions to problems. So the real problem never gets fixed and when asked why not? Answer you got a work around that works.

On 10/24/2021 5:19 AM, Bhavya shah wrote:
Dear all,

* It seems like some other users share my experience of the Bluetooth
Audio add-on being ineffectual. Is the add-ons community aware of this
* I did find White Noise on Is this a generally
reliable add-on repository, and in particular, is this add-on known to
be safe? I have not heard of it before so am hoping to make sure.
* I had to look around a little bit, but for reference, the Silenzio
program seems to be available from I
have not downloaded it myself so cannout personally vouch for it yet.
* I skimmed through the GitHub tracker, and based on a perfunctory
scan of #5172, #10829, and #11024, it seems like this is regarded as a
solved problem, which I don't think is my experience and that of some
other participants in this thread.


On 10/22/21, Gene <gsasner@...> wrote:
Try Silenzio. I don’t know how the plugin works you tried. Silenzio sends
inaudible sound through the system to keep the audio from going to sleep.

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Yes. I continue to have that same problem with my AirPods despite installing
the NVDA Bluetooth plug-in. It seems to have had no effect whatsoever. I’ve
given up on this set up and just use a pair of wired headphones now. It’s
unfortunate that such a simple thing can’t be made reliable but it is what
it is, I guess.

On Oct 22, 2021, at 10:41 AM, Bhavya shah <bhavya.shah125@...>

Dear all,

I am currently using NVDA 2021.2 with the Bluetooth Audio add-on
installed and enabled on a Windows 10 machine. With it, I am using a
pair of Bluetooth headphones with my laptop, both of which are
Bluetooth 5.0 compatible. Still, from time to time, especially when I
am reading short stringgs like an alphabet or a monosyllable, the
initial bit of the speech is cut off. Are there any ways to minimize
the cutoff or fix it entirely? Please let me know.

Best Regards,
Bhavya Shah
Stanford University | Class of 2024

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