About Accessibility improvements in Libre Office if you can inform

Marcos Antonio Schllosser


I have been looking for some time to use LibreOficee to produce my Documents.

However, I have noticed that this Suit has sin in Accessibility if we compare it with Maicrosoft Office.

The List of Elements in this Suit would need to be implemented as it exists in Maicrosoft Office and it would be necessary to make the Dialog Boxes more accessible to use Styles, Formatting, among others, which in Maicrosoft's Suit is fully accessible.

For example, I tried some time ago to associate a Google Drive Account with Libre Office so that I could save my files to the Cloud but this dialog is fully accessible.

Could you let me know if the NVDA developers are thinking of doing some implementations in NVDA to make Libre Office more accessible?

I appreciate if you can inform.

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