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Quentin Christensen

If you move focus to the image, you can press NVDA+r to run OCR over the image to detect text.  We introduced this into NVDA itself back in 2017 (prior to that time it was only available via an add-on).  You can find more information and a walkthrough of the feature from our In-Process blog from back when we introduced it:

Unfortunately, keeping ahead of spammers is an ongoing effort with ever changing goalposts.  We often get asked why we can't make a function in NVDA to overcome Captchas for instance - and the main point is, if we could automate it reliably, so could the spammers - which would defeat the purpose of using the captcha in the first place.  Newer algorithms do things like detecting keystrokes / mouse movements, and time between interactions and so on to make a good guess as to whether it is a human or a bot attempting to access the page, and so more easily let a human through, and this usually works well and is quite accessible, often only requiring the user to check a checkbox saying something like "I am not a robot".  What we suggest for now is to encourage developers and sites to use those more accessible options.

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Can you not  use an audio captcha to get past it? Or is this something different?

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Hello NVDA Group,
I am running into the occasion more frequent than I care to admit where websites to block spam and trawling have resorted to using an image to convey contact info, which my version of NVDA does not read.
The website contact form is also designed to hide the email address, but is an option for making contact as a screen reader user.
As links appear to be coming passe, are developers addressing this dilemma?
Thanks for the reply; I am sorry if I missed something on this specific issue.

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