Re: NVDA and Email Images


The accuracy of this tool to decipher captchas is so questionable as
to make it virtually useless in that regard.

On 10/27/21, David Russell <david.sonofhashem@...> wrote:
Hi NVDA Group,

Thanks for the advisement to use the NVDA key and the letter r to
address the email image issue.
This is different from audio captcha.
To the website administrator, this image feature is to deter spammers
and the like from sending unwanted communications. I hasten to ask,
what is to prevent such activity if one sending spam realizes they can
override the intention of a website admin by acquiring NVDA and
misusing this feature?
This begs the question, would it be good practice to inform the admin
that blind persons can use the NVDA screen reader and utilize a
feature to send email via the presented image?

I think it's great to provide technology solutions, but as the adage
states, idle hands are mischief's workshop.

David C. Russell, Author

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