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And one more - if you want to customise when individual symbols are pronounced, press NVDA+n, to open the NVDA menu, then p for preferences, then "Punctuation/Symbol pronunciation".  There you can set the level any given symbol should be read at, and how it is pronounced".  There's a bit more detail on using that in this recently blog post:

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Its control NVDA g.  You are using caps lock as an NVDA key but a lot of people would use either insert. 
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In addition, if you want to explore settings and customize NVDA to your liking, the keystroke is, Control, Caps Lock plus G. Once the dialog box opens, shift tab and take a look at the categories, by up and down arrow keys and see  what NVDA has to offer.


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Hi Danny, if too many symbols are being spoken, just press NVDA+P to set your punctuation/symbol level to either some or none. Hope this helps.


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Where can I go to change the verbosity settings to get rid of the
symbols being spoken.


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