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On Thu, Oct 28, 2021 at 11:42 AM, abdul muhamin wrote:
Hello, the NVDA is lagging in win11 file explorer, please fix
Not that this isn't appropriate and useful to post here for others who may confirm the issue, but as the download page for the beta clearly states:

It is not realistic to believe that the NVDA developers are reading this group on any sort of a regular basis.  Quentin Christensen does, and I'm sure he passes this sort of thing along when he sees it, but you cannot rely on that either.

If you use the beta and release candidate builds, please, create a GitHub account and use it to report issues.  That is the one, and only, way you can be assured that they will become a part of the official chain of review.  And for a basic issue like this, filling out the issue form isn't really difficult.  And if you prefer to use an MS-Word form to make it even easier, I've created those, along with a tutorials on same.

Creating an Issue in GitHub for NVDA

MS-Word Fillable Form for an NVDA Bug Report Including Pre and Post Filling-Out Instructions

MS-Word Fillable Form for an NVDA Bug Report Including Only Post Filling-Out Instructions

How to Unprotect a Completed Fillable Word Form so the Entire Document Can Be Copied

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