using BrailleNote Apex as braille terminal with nVDA

JM Casey

Hey Everyone.

I recently came into possession of one of these units. I *think* it’s an Apex – it looks exactly like one of my older BN qwerty models though and syas it’s running Keysoft v8.1.

I’m trying to use this as a braille display with my  Windows 10 machine. However, NVDA does not appear to be detecting the display automatically, and activating the “braille note” model in settings, I get an error that says “Unable to load braille note device”.

I have the terminal mode on the BN set to on. I had to make some changes in Computer Management to let it work properly with Mobile Device Center for file transfers, but that’s a separate thing…the terminal should work without that anyway, right?

What am I missing? Any help would be apprecaited as I was really hoping to use this as a display for PC as neitehr of my standalone displays is working very well (the focus has messed up dots, of course, and the old Baum/Brailliant 80 thing has got power issues)




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