Re: problem with latest skype

hurrikennyandopo ...


Which version of Skype it it? is it the app version on windows 10 or is it the desk top version for windows 10. There is another version which I can not remember it was.

Most people use the desk top version but when you go into Skype its self it is not changing into browse mode so use the nvda key + space bar to do this. When it is in that mode you can use the letter F to get down to the chats section then either use the space bar or enter key then go down the page to read what is there.

The letter F will take you to form tabs, form fields etc in the desk top version.


the app version you need to do a lot of tabbing so the desk top version is much nicer to use.

Gene nz

On 29/10/2021 5:04 pm, Margus Ojaots wrote:
Hello. I have a problem with the lattest skype update. Once i open
skype, I can't see my recent chats.

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