NVDA and Outlook issue

Chris Tromborg

Hello, group:     

I am a long-time NVDA supporter and user.  For over a month, I have been participating in the NYPL classes featuring Chancy fleet that focus on introducing screen reader users to NVDA. 

Years ago, I used NVDA as a reliable portable speech program that could be loaded onto a thumb drive to be used when I was in the field and did not necessarily have access to a computer with speech already installed.  I thought so highly of NVDA that I became a monthly supporter, a commitment that I retain. 

I just joined this group and consequently noticed that there was a recent upgrade.  So, I installed the upgrade and now Outlook is angry with mefor being a way for so long. 

When I load Outlook, all seems normal.  However, whenever I attempt to reply, the program will not accept the characters: That key is not available or That function is not supported.  In any case, I cannot enter text into the Reply field.  Is there a setting that I am not aware of that must be invoked to correct this?  Any assistance will be appreciated. 



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