Re: Making NVDA automatically read non-English characters.

John Isige

I'll give that a try, thanks!

On 10/31/2021 3:05 AM, Mohamed wrote:
If you know what the characters are, you could add them to the NVDA
dictionary, or alternatively, you could also try the Unicode ASCII
addon, which attempts to convert Unicode characters into an ASCII

On 10/30/2021 1:07 PM, John Isige wrote:
So I've got a friend on Twitter who wrote their username in runes. I
know Windows can deal with them, because they're part of the Unicode
charset. But their tweets show up with no username. That's not a
problem, but it got me curious.

Is there a way to get NVDA to automatically read characters like this? I
know there's an addon to tell you what characters are. I know some
synthesizers, e.g. the Vocalizer voices, can read some, e.g. Greek
letters on Wikipedia if you move character by character, whereas
Eloquence doesn't. Is there anything to do, like changing charset from
US or whatever, to get these to show up consistently? Obviously in this
case, it would spell the username character by character or something.
But right now, it looks like they have no username.

I'm actually less interested in getting it to show up in this specific
case than I am in the general problem. Basically, full access to the
Unicode charset, both reading and writing,  would be pretty awesome.

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