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Where did you see that they intend to phase it out?  Since Simple HTML is intended for slower connections, as Google says on the site, and since people use GMail from all over the world, I doubt they intend to phase it out.  I think this is an uncorrected bug. 
Also, I just did  a Google search for Google phase out simple html gmail and the first six results say nothing about this and aren’t even discussing that subject. 

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Hi Nevzat, this is a change google is making. They are trying to gradually phase out the basic HTML view. I think you can still use a permanent link to it.
However, the standard view is in fact fully accessible, and you should be able to get a full list of keyboard shortcuts by pressing shift + / with NVDA in focus mode and then use those shortcuts to use gmail in standard view to the fullest. Hope this helps.
On Sun, Oct 31, 2021 at 9:15 AM Nevzat Adil <nevzatadil@...> wrote:
Hi group,

I recently bought a new computer and I cannot make my gmail to
permanently appearr as HTML.
I can go to focus mode by pressing NVDA+spacebar and than shift+tab to
find HTML, but I am unable to make it permanent so that I want have to
do that each time. Is there way to do just that?
Any help will be very much appreciated.

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