Re: Basic HTML

kristy stichter

Hi Nevzat
this is what I did
I went into gmail when it was standard, then went to settings, typed
in html, clicked on the first article, which says something along the
lines of view as html
or try this link

if you want it to load permenantly in html add that link to bookmarks
and it will always load that's what I did anyway

Kristyhope this helps if you need any more help please feel free to
email me and I will do my best to help you.

On 11/1/21, Nevzat Adil <nevzatadil@...> wrote:
Hi group,

I recently bought a new computer and I cannot make my gmail to
permanently appearr as HTML.
I can go to focus mode by pressing NVDA+spacebar and than shift+tab to
find HTML, but I am unable to make it permanent so that I want have to
do that each time. Is there way to do just that?
Any help will be very much appreciated.

Nevzat Adil
Library of Congress Certified
Literary Braille Proofreader
C: 512 502 4403
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