Re: supressing announcement of row and column in a web table


If you turn off everything regarding tables, you shouldn’t hear such information.  Let us know if you do.  And if you still do, please send the link to the page so others can see what they hear, unless the page can’t be looked at by people in general. 
I’m not sure the table off commands always work properly.  Sometimes, I hear table information when I am in a subfolder in Windows Explorer when I shouldn’t.  That’s in Windows 7, so it may be that for some reason, turning off that information may not work in the table you are in.  This may need further checking by others.

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From: Mary Otten
Sent: Sunday, October 31, 2021 5:46 PM
Subject: [nvda] supressing announcement of row and column in a web table
I visit a grocery store website which has its sale items laid out in a
very nice table, with columns headed things like location, brand, item,
price etc. In addition, each item in the table is, for some reason,
marked as a heading level 3. I can stop the readout of the heading
messages by temporarily shutting off the reporting of headings in the
nvda settings for elements grouping. I also turned off the reading of
column and row headings, although that didn't do anything, and I can't
find a way to stop the announcement of row and column numbers either. I
want to just get into the column that lists the items and go straight
down with control alt down arrow, and when I do that, I do not want to
hear row such and such, column such and such, as it is totally not
needed in this situation. Is there a way to do this?


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