Re: NVDA no speech in XP

Kenny Dog <hurrikennyandopo@...>

Hi Maurice.

So NVDA is installed to the computer? When it is running does the nvda
icon appear down near the clock? if you check it with narrator?

If nvda is running you could also check the synth settings to see if the
synth is set to none. Use the nvda key +ctrl key + the letter S.

The default synth is the E speak one so when the dialogue come up if it
is set to no speech use the letter E to get you up to the E speak synth
then tab 2 times until you get to the ok button. Hopefully it will come
back that way.

it might be that you have turned off speech in nvda. If this is the case
or something has reverted it to no speech, you could try the following.

You could use the nvda key + the letter S to toggle between no speech to
talk. You will hear no speech, beep then talk.

You might of put nvda to sleep if this is the case to wake him up use
the nvda + shift key + the letter S.

This will take him if he is in sleep mode to sleep mode off.

On 26/09/2016 8:16 AM, Maurice Bell wrote:
Hello All,

I have had to resort to the MInite web site to install NVDA 2016.3 on my
XP computer.

The only problem is that I have no speech.

I have speech with Narrator.

So what could be the problem.

Regards, Maurice.

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