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In NVDA tools > remote There should be the option "send alt+control+delete".

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On Sep 25, 2016, at 2:25 PM, Igor Kaplan <igorkaplan45@...> wrote:

Hi all,


  My question is regarding the NVDA remote access.Last week I install the NVDA remote on my work computer to be able to access from home and it works fine with one exception.

  My work computer goes to the lock screen after some enactivity time and to continue I need to press ctrl+alt+del and enter my username and password.

  So, the remote access works very well while the work computer is unlocked, as soon as lock screen is kicks in, the remote speech stops, my local NVDA still shows as “connected”, however even choosing “press ctrl+alt+delete” from NVDA remote access menu does not do anything, I am not able to unlock my work PC remotely.

  Looks like, it is some kind of limitation of NVDA remote access. I wonder, if development is still going on? After more then a year, I still see the version is 1.2. And my second question, may be someone knows the work around, how I can dismiss this lock screen remotely?

  Forgot to mention, I am running windows 7 both, remotely and locally, if it makes any difference. I was also looking for some third_party solution, however did not find anything.


Will greatly appreciate, if someone could please help!


Many thanks.




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